New web star: a cat with a tattoo caused a wave of negativity towards its owner

Yasha’s owner is Chernihiv fitness model Elena Ivanitskaya. The girl came up with a “brilliant idea” – to get her cat a tattoo and show a photo of the result on a social network. A flurry of criticism from Instagram users and the media immediately fell on the beauty, reports.

Fashionable Yasha

Judging by the photo of the process, the tattoo of the cat was done by a professional master in a specialized salon. According to the owner of Yasha, the cat did not hurt at all, as high-quality anesthesia was used.

The network exploded with criticism

Despite these remarks, a storm of negativity arose on the social network. Users unanimously say that this is animal mockery. Elena herself fundamentally disagrees with these comments. After the story about Yasha was shown on TV, the model sarcastically noted: “The country is a mess, but the main news on TSN is that Yasha’s cat got a tattoo …”

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