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Neymar is a promising young footballer from Brazil who plays for Barcelona and is the captain of the national team of his home country. An amazing talent immediately opened up many opportunities for the athlete. In addition to football, Neymar is fond of tattoos, of which there are more than 15 on his body. He does not reveal the meaning of each, the player does not comment on particular personalities.

Most of Neymar’s tattoos are done by professional artist Adao Rosa.

    1. On the chest are the words of the oath dedicated to the father.

Neymar's chest tattoo dedicated to his father

    1. On the back of Neymar there are tattoo inscriptions, which means “Blessed”.

Blessed Neymar's Back Tattoo

    1. In 2013, a diamond appeared on the left shoulder with the inscription “Sorella”, dedicated to her sister Rafaella. In turn, the sister put the same tattoo on her body, only with the inscription “fratello” – in translation, brother.

Crystal tattoo on the shoulder of NeymarCrystal tattoo with the inscription on the shoulder at Neymar

    1. The footballer’s neck is adorned with the “Todo passa” lettering. Neymar’s tattoo on his neck means, translated into Russian, “Everything passes.”

Neymar's tattoo on his neck with the words

    1. The name of Davi Lucca’s son is engraved on the forearm of the right hand, below is the date of his birth, made later.

Tattoo on the forearm of the right hand with the name of the son

    1. A crown is tattooed in front of the son’s name.

Tattoo on the arm of Neymar with the image of a crown

    1. Photos of Neymar’s tattoo on his legs show two inscriptions: “Ousadia” and “Alegria” (translated into Russian “Courage” and “Joy”). The athlete associates these words with the transfer to FC Barcelona.

Neymar's tattoos on the legs with the words

    1. Tattoo Neymar “Nadine”, made on the left hand is dedicated to the mother, this is her name. On the sides of the name are a heart and a sign symbolizing infinity.


    1. Neymar’s tattoo on the neck behind the right ear is the Roman numeral 4. It symbolizes the four closest people of the Brazilian: sister, mother, brother and son.

Neymar tattoo on the neck behind the right ear - Roman numeral 4

    1. On the side of the left palm is the word “Love”, dedicated to loved ones.

Neymar's tattoo on the side of the left palm with the word

    1. The outer side of the left hand is depicted with folded palms in prayer and the letters “FC”, meaning a football club. Associated with the work to which the Brazilian has dedicated his life.

The image of folded palms in prayer and the letters

    1. On the ring finger of the left hand there is an illustration of a crown.

Left ring finger tattoo with crown illustration

    1. Below the diamond is a fist tattoo, symbolizing friendship. His brother has the same tattoo.

Neymar's fist tattoo

    1. A tiger is depicted on the back of Neymar’s left hand.

Tattoo on the back of Neymar's left arm with a tiger

    1. An anchor is depicted on the index finger of the right hand, and on the back of the palm is a Catholic cross, a symbol of faith.

Tattoo on the index finger of Neymar's right hand

    1. On his right shoulder, the footballer made a portrait of his best friend – his sister.

On the right shoulder of Neymar, a tattoo depicting a sister

    1. On the index finger of his left hand, the athlete made a tattoo “Shhh …”.

On the index finger of Neymar's left hand tattoo

    1. On the back of the neck, there is a symmetrical cross tattoo with feathers.

Neymar's neck tattoo of a cross with feathers

    1. The phrase “Never ending love” is tattooed on the right side (translated into Russian it means that love never ends).

On the right side of Neymar there is a tattoo with the phrase

    1. Next to the cam tattoo is a picture of a treble clef.

Neymar's tattoo of a treble clef on his arm

    1. On the inside of the left hand there is an illustration of a cross with a crown.

Cross with a crown on the inside of Neymar's left hand

    1. The inscription on the left side is unknown.

Tattoo with the inscription on the side of the body at Neymar

    1. Above the fist on the left hand is the inscription “Life is a joke”.

On the left hand of Neymar the inscription

Neymar’s tattoos show his love and affection for his family, faith, a sense of gratitude for everything he has. He is equally loyal to family and sports.

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