Nikita Presnyakov called the work of Nikolai Baskov and his family

The famous rocker and beloved grandson of the Prima Donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva, Nikita Presnyakov, was again at the center of the scandal. Nikita called the work of Nikolai Baskov pop, moreover, in a rude form. The singer did not take into account that his eminent family performs the same pop music, reports

Online scandal

How did the scandal start? And from the video on Nikita’s microblog. In the publication, the talented rocker performs the hit of the group Linkin Park, trying to imitate Chester Bennington. The grandson of the Prima Donna is an ardent fan of the work of the late Chester and even got a tattoo on his body in memory of the musician.

The leader of the group MULTIVERSE, performing one of Linkin Park’s songs, was criticized by his subscribers and could not stand it. The singer began to argue with them about the performance of songs and was not afraid to compare himself to the most popular Russian stage artist Nikolai Baskov. Presnyakov, without thinking twice, ranked the singer as pop music, which is listened to by people who do not understand really good music.

He called the family’s creativity pop

In a quarrel with subscribers, Presnyakov Jr. did not take into account the fact that all his relatives just perform this very pop. In a word, having insulted a close family friend, Nikolai Baskov, he also threw mud at the immortal hits of his parents and grandmother as well.

“Guys, if you are fans of the Baskov-Tabaskovs, you don’t listen to this kind of music and don’t understand it, what is the point of writing anything at all? .. I am this and this is my music, in the West this kind of music gathers stadiums. Do you think everyone who listens is downs? No, they all understand much more than the average statistical person. If you listen to stupid pop music, then, alas, her brain will not learn anything more complicated, ”said the talented rocker. (Spelling and Paragraphs of the authors preserved, Ed. Note).

Fans are upset by this behavior of Nikita. They did not expect that he would take criticism so sharply in his address. In their opinion, Presnyakov is very, very far from the Linkin Park soloist. The most curious thing is that the fans predicted an inglorious future for Nikita and his group, because there is no “zest” in him and his team.

Earlier we reported that the wedding of Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova was called a performance.

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