Obama bans daughters from getting tattoos

US President Barack Obama has already decided how he will react if his daughters want to get tattoos for themselves. He shared these considerations with reporters in an interview on NBC.

If 14-year-old Malia and 11-year-old Sasha decide to get tattoos, their parents – Michelle and Barack Obama – will do the same. We will not scold our daughters, we will just apply the same tattoos to ourselves in the same places. In addition, we will post photos of our “family” tattoos for everyone to see on YouTube, Obama said.

Hopefully this is a good way to dissuade them if they decide to “rebel” in this way.

Also in the interview there was a question about his wife Michelle Obama, who, in a recent interview with the CBS television channel, with a reservation called herself a “single mother.”

Indeed, when I campaigned for the presidency and earlier when I ran for the United States Senate, I was on the road for weeks.

Perhaps Michelle felt like a single mother. She worked and looked after the girls as before, the president said.

Michelle is a very strict mom, so it is unlikely that pictures of the Obama family tattoos will ever appear on YouTube. The rulebook of the president’s family, which Michelle wrote for her daughters, contains clauses prohibiting watching TV and sitting at the computer unnecessarily, just for the sake of study.

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