Olesya Malibu on the roof: the model remembered a dangerous experiment that does not recommend repeating

Famous Russian model and Instagram star Olesya Malibu very actively replenishes his microblog with new photos and videos, writes The girl shares every moment of her vibrant life. And in the new publication, the celebrity showed a photo that she will remember for a lifetime.

Olesya Malibu told about a dangerous feat

Olesya Malibu’s followers on Instagram are used to seeing their idol as confident and ready for any experiments. The model told about one of these “feats” in a new publication. The girl shared a photo in which she poses on the roof of a high-rise building.

“There was a second in my life when I felt that I had lost control and will now fly down” (the spelling and paragraphs of the author saved. – editor’s note), – wrote Olesya. The 28-year-old model says that this moment will remain in her memory for life. Malibu advised all her subscribers never to repeat her experiment.

Of course, fans of the model began to write to her that no photographs were worth exposing themselves to such danger. Fans are worried about the girl’s life, so they ask her to take care of herself.

“Oh, Olesya, look with this carefully, otherwise you can screw up”, “Be careful, Olesya, your subscribers are worried about you”, “Yes, 0les, you are more careful there !! We love you, and we do not want to lose” (orph . and paragraph. authors saved. – editor’s note), – say subscribers.

Of course, the haters did not remain silent either, but Olesya never paid attention to their words. After all, a shocking girl is often criticized for her behavior, appearance and frankness.

But it was with the help of her brightness and originality that Olesya Kozhevnikova from a poor family became famous. Many people remember her as a participant in the popular shows “Dom-2”, “Let’s Get Married” and “Holidays in Mexico”. And now she has become the heroine of the provocative reality show “Instagramschitsa”.

Recently, Olesya Malibu got carried away with tattoos… The model often demonstrates new items to her fans. The girl adorned her body with many drawings and is not going to stop.

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