Olga Buzova revealed a secret about her tattoo

The news that the Tarabuziki are no longer together shook the entire Russian show business, the presenter’s fans immediately accused the Lokomotiv footballer of all sins, concluding that Olga Buzova was a victim. But it is true, taught by the first divorce, Tarasov insured himself and not only forced the TV presenter to sign a marriage contract, but also recorded all movable and immovable property on himself, reports

As a result, the star was left with only two dogs and a small business for the production of clothing and jewelry.

It is known that while Tarasov and Buzova were in love with each other, they made themselves joint tattoos. And, of course, after such a sad parting, each of them wished to get rid of the reminder of the soul mate. The first to do this was a football player, immediately reporting his act on the Web, but such statements have not yet been received from Buzova.

However, the star wears an armband, often black, on his arm just above the wrist, exactly where the tattoo was. Fans immediately suggested that Olga Buzova got rid of sad memories, and while the skin heals, she wears a bandage.

But the presenter also could not remove the tattoo, and wearing a black armband is a symbolic gesture hinting at the end of the relationship.

Let us remind you that earlier on our website, journalists have clearly demonstrated the evolution of the style and appearance of the star “Dom-2”. You can learn how Olga Buzova from a blonde in pink turned into a brown-haired woman with a sense of style by clicking on the link.

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