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Olga Buzova’s tattoos

It is impossible to imagine modern show business stars without tattoos, as well as fashionable outfits, stylish accessories and perfect makeup. This is part of a unique look and a way to stand out. Olga Buzova’s tattoos, a former participant in the reality show “Dom-2” and a TV presenter, were no exception. Now Olga’s body is full of three tattoos

The presenter has always dreamed of a tattoo. Olga filled her first drawing on her left leg at the age of 24. Now on her ankle flaunts five stars

Olga Buzova's tattoo on the leg with five stars

The tattoo, as a highlight, emphasizes all the charms of the famous blonde. According to the TV presenter, they do not at all belong to a five-star vacation, but reflect her life path and the goals that Olga sets for herself. In not a single interview, the TV presenter did not declassify the meaning of each star, she only said that she did not want to scare off luck by talking about the meaning of her tattoo. Olga Buzova boasted that a titled master who once made tattoos for Pink and Angelina Jolie got her tattoo. For Olga’s sake, he even agreed to come to Russia from New York. Olga made the first tattoo deliberately and she still likes it.

The TV presenter did not plan to decorate the body with another tattoo, but changed her mind and again presented herself with a cute picture. For a long time, fans of Olga Buzova could not see what was written on the tattoo. Olga deliberately made all the photos so that the inscription could not be understood. On social networks, this caused a sea of ​​versions and assumptions. Once, in an interview, the secret of Olga Buzova’s tattoo was revealed by the star herself. She showed the inscription on the back that reads “Love lives in my heart” and provided the translation: “Love lives in my heart”… According to the presenter, the embossed tattoo reflects her feelings for her husband, the famous football player Dmitry Tarasov. Olga does not hide that she is a romantic nature and there is always a place for love in her heart.

Olga Buzova's tattoo on the back with the inscription love lives in my heart

The famous couple pleases each other with romantic little things, cute gifts, unusual dates, and not so long ago they got tattoos in honor of each other.

It all started with the celebration of Olga Buzova’s birthday. On that day, Dmitry Tarasov, as a surprise, gathered all the TV presenter’s friends in a restaurant. Another unexpected gift was a tattoo on Dmitry’s wrist, which depicts the first letters of the couple’s names and their wedding date with Olga.

The TV presenter was inspired by the act of her husband Dmitry. Following her lover, Olga Buzova got a tattoo on her right hand on the day of the anniversary of their acquaintance. Olga recently shared on Instagram a photo in which she is getting this tattoo in a tattoo parlor. The blonde hid what is depicted on the wrist for a long time, publishing only part of the drawing. But she recently admitted that the tattoo depicts the initials of their names with her husband: O and D. Fans of the star beauty were interested in whether the TV presenter regretted the tattoo. In response, Olga said that she was happy with the tattoo and filled it for her husband.

Olga Buzova's tattoo on the right wrist and the initials of her and her husband

Olga Buzova’s tattoo on her wrist speaks of her tender love for her husband. Unlike Dmitry, the blonde has not yet entered the wedding date. In her opinion, the numbers will look rough on a woman’s graceful hand. But the place for the date is still left.

Perhaps, in the future, Olga Buzova’s collection of tattoos will be replenished with something else interesting. Buzova likes to display on her body important moments that happened in life in the form of neat feminine drawings. Olga takes tattoos seriously. He believes that each body pattern leaves its mark on the fate of a person. Olga Buzova admitted that if any significant events occur in her life, then she may decide to get a tattoo again.

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