Painted David Beckham on the cover of the magazine: what is the meaning of a bright photo of an athlete

What was the goal of the athlete, appearing on the cover of a glossy with makeup on his face and a colored tattoo on his neck? You have never seen David Beckham like this, I’m sure!

David Beckham with makeup graced the cover of the magazine

The father of many children decorated the main page of the magazine “Love” in a very unusual way. In the photo of the cover of the publication, published on Instagram, it is clear that the athlete has makeup on his eyes.

Photo: Instagram @thelovemagazine

In just a few days, the bright photo got more than 30,000 likes, and most of the comments below the shot, as surprising as it may sound, turned out to be positive. Netizens believe that Beckham is beautiful in any way, especially since in everyday life he is a real man, a talented football player, a loving father and a caring husband.

What is the purpose of this photo?

The main idea of ​​the athlete and the editorial staff of the magazine is to show men from different countries of the world that it is very important to take care of their appearance. No, of course, we are not talking about the fact that representatives of the strong half of humanity should draw arrows under the eyes and apply shadows on the eyelids. It means that it is important for a man to look clean and tidy. And David’s fans support this idea very much. Especially women!

David Beckham is a wonderful family man

The 43-year-old handsome has been married to Victoria Beckham for 20 years. They tied their fates in 1999, and all this time they are loving and loyal spouses, which is a rarity in show business.

During their life together, the Beckhams had four wonderful children – three sons and one daughter. There have been many rumors about the atmosphere in this creative family. The couple is then bred, then brought down, then convicted of imaginary treason, then Victoria is credited with another pregnancy.

Photo: Instagram @davidbeckham

And in spite of all ill-wishers, they continue to walk hand in hand through life, create, do charity work and raise their children. The Beckham family is a worthy role model!

Main photo: Instagram @davidbeckham

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