Pete Davidson got a tattoo in honor of Ariana Grande without heeding the advice of the master

Tattoo artist Pete Davidson tried to persuade him not to get a tattoo in honor of Grande after interrupting work dedicated to the ex

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John Mesa says that on May 18, 2018, Pete Davidson approached him to cover up a tattoo in honor of his ex-girlfriend, actress Kazzy David. After the work was completed and a beautiful forest appeared on Pete’s hand, instead of the face of the ex-girlfriend, the tattoo artist gave Davidson important advice – he should postpone tattoos in honor of the girls, at least until the only one becomes his wife.

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“Relationships are not a permanent thing – they come and go, and Pete is still a very young man (Davidson is 24 years old – Ed.),” Tattoo artist John Mesa explains the reason for his advice to Pete. The man later in an interview notes that his words, it seems, “flew into Pete in one ear and flew into the other.”

Pete Davidson got 2 tattoos at once to capture the love for the singer

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Earlier in June 2018, Pete Davidson got himself a small tattoo with a rabbit mask, which is very similar to the accessory worn by Ariana Grande on the cover of her album “Dangerous Woman”, and the initials AG (Ariana Grande – ed.) On his arm … The tattoos were done by another artist, and not working with Pete John Mesa.

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The amazing work that the tattoo artist did, interrupting the image of Davidson’s ex-girlfriend, John Mesa later posted on his Instagram account, collecting rave reviews from tattoo fans.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande got engaged in June 2018, after weeks of relationship. Previously, before that, both of the couple were in a long-term relationship. Davidson and Grande met back in 2016, but were in no hurry to enter into a romantic relationship.

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