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Photo and meaning of Denis Shalny’s tattoo

The son of Elena Yakovleva is seriously interested in tattoos. At 23, he has about 70% body image coverage. However, any passion has consequences. In his case, the happy consequence was a meeting with his beloved girlfriend Rita, who works as a tattoo artist.

The first tattoo of Denis Shalnykh was the image of the dog Dick, made from the photo of your beloved dog on the inside of the right arm. The drawing turned out to be very realistic and the famous mother liked it. The framed image not only reminds of a friend, but also symbolizes devotion and loyalty.

Denis Crazy Sleeve Tattoos

Denis Shalnyh uploads a few photos of tattoos, as he makes them for himself, and not for the public.

Face tattoos

The blond son of Elena Yakovleva makes tattoos even on his face, or to be more precise:

    • Hollow above the right eyebrow translates as Void.

Guy's face tattoo

  • The inscription “Winter is coming”, located along the hairline, translates as “Winter is coming.” This is the motto of the Stark family in the book “A Song of Ice and Fire” and the world famous TV series “Game of Thrones”.
  • A symbol that looks like a sword blade speaks of strength of mind, struggle, striving for victory.
  • The Odal rune, located on the left side of the face, means separation, retreat. Promotes financial well-being. It can symbolize renewal, the time when the “old skin” changes to a new one.
  • The symbol in the form of three 6s depicted in the corner of the right eye can mean love, balance, stability, happiness.
    Photos of the tattoo of the son of Elena Yakovleva and their meaning show the depth of the nature of this strong man.

son of elena yakovleva with a tattoo on her face

Body tattoos

Denis Shalny’s body contains large-scale tattoos made in color and reminiscent of the Gothic style. This is due to the guy’s hobby for heavy music (rock, metal), sports.

  • The cross of Imiss depicted on the hand means the connection between heaven and earth. This four-pointed version first appeared in the 3rd century in the Roman catacombs.
  • The inscription on the fingers DEMO (translated as preliminary).
  • The neck is adorned with red roses with thorns, and the bared head of a wolf.
  • Symmetrical daggers on the hands in the area of ​​the thumbs.
  • Above the wolf is a drawing in the Egyptian style.

Denis Crazy guy with tattoos

In addition to the above tattoos, the body of Denis’s son is covered with large-scale patterns that combine several styles.

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