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Chinese woman masterly draws fashionable and beautiful mehendi, surprising Instagram users

Instagram users often compare Sarah’s tattoos with lace of the finest work, so masterly the girl wields henna. Sarah Mush provides mehendi application services for weddings and the young talented artist even has her own studios in her hometown of Hong Kong, as well as in Dubai and Pakistan, where Mush often visits. Sarah’s work is notable not only for her amazing skill, but also for her experiments with flowers.

Often, mehendi and simply henna tattoos are performed either in black or in natural henna blooms. But Sarah is not satisfied with such a meager palette of colors, and the girl decided to try to paint in red, dark green, dark blue and, finally, white. Sara herself in her Instagram profile indicates that she was one of the first to use white henna in mehendi.

Subscribers of the talented are often active in the profile of Sarah Mush. They tirelessly comment on Sarah’s work and often even ask to fulfill one or another of their ideas. Sarah’s posts are always full of “I like” and rave reviews. Sarah’s work has managed to attract more than 55 thousand subscribers to Mush’s profile.

By the way, transferable tattoos this season they have gained such popularity that they promise to supplant necklaces, bracelets and other, beloved by many, jewelry. These tattoos are usually presented in a variety of creative designs and are very easy to use.

Photo source: instagram @sarashenna

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