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24-year-old Amber Luke from Australia calls herself “dragon girl”… The entire body of the lover of experiments is covered with tattoos and piercings, says

Doubtful beauty

With 200 tattoos that adorn her body from head to toe, augmented bust and lips, and implants in her ears, Amber is no stranger to the pain she experiences with every surgery.

However, the most dangerous beauty procedure is called the “girl-dragon” painting her eyes with blue ink. It’s not the first time that Luke sits in the master’s chair, making sure that her eyeball is blue instead of white.

Dragon girl nearly went blind

The next session almost cost the girl her eyes. It lasted for minutes, and from the armchair of the tattoo artist Amber stood up, not seeing anything in front of her. She was warned of the danger, but, perhaps, appearance for her turned out to be a much more important factor than her own health.

In total darkness, the “dragon girl” lived for three weeks. Fortunately, the eyesight returned to the shocking beauty, but the Australian is not going to stop there. Another, final operation is scheduled for spring 2020, Amber said.

You are probably wondering what this miracle looks like? Welcome to our photo gallery! In it we have collected the brightest pictures of the “dragon girl”. Happy viewing!

Meanwhile, Amber Luke is not the most tattooed woman in the world. This title belongs to 69-year-old Charlotte Gutenberg from the USA… She set a record and got into the Guinness Book.

Photo: Instagram @amber__luke

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