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Tattoo artist Dave (nicknamed Winston the Whale) accidentally came up with how to get 3D tattoos. One day a client came to his salon in Portland who wanted a 3D tattoo. For some reason, this client decided that such tattoos already exist and can be done by any master. Of course, he was wrong, but for Dave it was a reason to come up with something new. In his works, the master applied the combination of red and blue lines as it is used for a stereoscopic effect. Since then, 3D tattoos have been added to the “menu” in his salon.

Dave’s 3D tattoos turned out to be bright and original. But as you can see for yourself, there is no 3D and probably will not be – neither with special glasses, nor without. Dave is amused by the naivety of his clients, but he constantly explains to them that this technology is somewhat more complicated than just correctly placed red and blue lines. In general, there will be no 3D tattoos in the near future, although the trend is funny.

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