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Miniature tattoos for girls are in great demand, since, thanks to their tiny size, the procedure itself does not take much time. In addition, the small image is easy to hide under clothes or accessories, so the tattoo will not irritate the strict bosses. As for the design, the drawings can be made in various ways, from simple solutions to watercolor tattoos… features the best ideas for inspiration.


Miniature tattoos for girls behind the ears or on the ears are a great solution. If desired, the owner of a tiny tattoo can cover up her work of art by letting her hair down, or vice versa, demonstrate the masterpiece to the general public by making a high hairdo.


The most popular part of the leg for tattooing is the ankle. The small pattern will not be conspicuous. Although, it all depends on the chosen design. Characteristically, a tattoo on the leg is suitable for any style of clothing, from classics to tracksuits.


How noticeable a small tattoo on the neck will be depends on the exact location (back of the head, near the ear, in the décolleté area). But it should also be emphasized that there are many nerve endings on the neck, so the procedure for applying tattoos is not the most painless.

Fingers, wrists and forearm

The woman’s hands are almost always in sight, especially the hands. Miniature tattoos look beautiful against the background of an interesting manicure, because not only nails, but also fingers are decorated with drawings. Look no less stylish forearm tattoo and wrists.

Modern women of fashion rarely limit themselves to one tattoo. Don’t overdo it, though, lest it look like a tutorial for beginners.

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