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Self-expression with tattoo – the oldest way to decorate the body. But the idea is not always easy to implement and really full of meaning. will show tattoo sketches not loved by masters.

Favorite name / oh

Very romantic at a certain point in life. True, if something went wrong and love passed, you will have to do something with the immortalized name. Not a pleasant prospect!


A beautiful and thoughtful symbol … but so often used, especially on the wrist, that there is no question of any originality. If the master declares the desire for such a drawing, then this will not cause much interest. But tastes differ!

White drawings

More complex and rather unusual options are not very popular with the masters, because the white pigment has the property of being worse for clogging under the skin. Repeated holding of the machine brings painful sensations. And as a result of loss of pigment, you can get a deformed pattern.


It is difficult to find suitable beautiful words, because overseas letters seem mysterious and attractive. But often the client is attracted by the look, not the meaning. And the translation may come as a surprise to the owner of the picture. Therefore, professionals are more willing to take on complex and atypical projects than hieroglyphs.


There is some prejudice against this kind of drawing. Still, a large number of people believe in the exchange of energy between the client and the master. And not everyone wants to get a positive charge from the customer. Although there are enough artists free from superstitions!

Finger Tattoos

They are considered one of the most short-lived due to regular contact with water, detergents and household chemicals. The absence of a good fat layer on the fingers can lead to the loss of the original appearance and the need for tattoo correction.


Yes, the devil’s number is not a favorite option. Some professionals consider it attracting misfortune and the most dire consequences to a person. Not everyone dares to take on such a responsibility!

Tattoos can be treated in different ways, but the main thing is safety. It is better to contact a good master, if you wish, to find a drawing and not experiment on your own. New Trends pass quickly, but you need to live in harmony with your body!

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