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The adorable Becky Holt shatters all stereotypes about people with tattoos. Unfortunately, drawings on the body are still perceived by society as something negative. Contrary to the opinion of others, tattoos do not in the least prevent the British woman from raising her daughter. Photos of Becky’s unusual appearance will be shown by

Becky Holt Tattoos

It is not for nothing that Becky is called one of the most tattooed women in Great Britain – about 95% of her body is covered with colored drawings. Even such places with delicate skin as ears and palms are also decorated with tattoos, however, the woman herself stated that she would no longer get a tattoo on her face. In her opinion, this spoils the whole aesthetics and draws attention from natural facial features to drawings.

It is worth noting that Becky seems to be making good money – a high-quality tattoo in a good salon is not cheap. The British woman said that she spent almost $ 50,000 on her unusual hobby.

Despite the fact that others treat Becky differently – some admire her courage, while others are frankly indignant, the woman is happy. She has a favorite hobby, many friends, as well as a little daughter who is crazy about her beautiful mother.

You can see what the most tattooed woman in the UK looks like in our photo gallery. Happy viewing!

Earlier we wrote about a German woman who got her first tattoo at the age of 50. The woman liked the body art so much that in just five years she covered her entire body with tattoos.

Photo: Instagram @becky_holt_bolt

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