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Don’t feel like buying engagement or wedding rings? Not yet ready for official events, but I want to emphasize that your heart is already taken, and you have a loved one? advises paying attention to paired tattoos!

Tattoo instead of a ring

When the couple has already decided on their relationship, but decided that the solemn wedding will take place later, it is easy to talk about their decision with the help of interesting, stylish symbols. For example, you can’t leave a ring-shaped tattoo anywhere, you can’t wash it off with water, you can’t throw it away in anger after a fleeting quarrel.

The following options for a tattoo look very original.

1. That which matters exclusively for the beloved – only they understand what the symbols that have appeared actually mean.

2. Just a ring, only with the significant difference that it will not crush, press or fall off.

3. The letters with which the names of the chosen ones begin.

4. The symbol of infinity – if the lovers are determined to spend their entire lives together.

5. For real romantics, images of hearts, flowers or bows are suitable.

6. Something from the arsenal of sailors – when a couple intends to sail together on any waves of life.

7. Half-filled hearts tell about the desire to understand each other from a half-glance and to hear from a half-word.

8. Pierced Arrow: No parting possible.

9. Crowns of the king and his queen – a luxurious relationship will last forever.

10. When you want the child’s sincerity to remain in the relationship.

JoInfoMedia’s editors invite you to take a look at our photo gallery! In it, we have collected vivid examples of ring tattoos that you can repeat or take on board to create a unique masterpiece. Happy viewing!

The main thing is that wearable drawings are a real symbol of deep feelings. Then happiness will live next to you forever! Earlier we told you what tattoos are in fashion in 2019 – we promise you will have plenty of options to choose the most suitable option!

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