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Tattoos are very popular. Many stars have already adorned their bodies with beautiful and unusual drawings… will tell you about the most interesting tattoos of famous actors, singers and models.

The most interesting celebrity tattoos

The famous couple Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott got the same tattoos after the birth of their daughter. Now, on their right hands, the girl’s name flaunts – Stormi. Kylie showed off a new tattoo just above the elbow on her personal microblog on Instagram.

Demi Lovato, who is actively returning to normal life after a rehabilitation center, also decided to get a tattoo in honor of a loved one. On the left forearm of the singer, there is now a portrait of her grandmother in her youth. The star called this tattoo the most significant of those that she has.

Tiny tattoos will never go out of style, as proven by Hailey Bieber, who adorned her body with a miniature drawing. An adorable little diamond is right behind the star’s ear.

Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner decided to get a tattoo in honor of her first big role and got the Stark house sign on her arm. And her colleague in the saga, Emilia Clarke, who played the Mother of Dragons, got a tattoo with small dragons.

Tom Hardy’s tattoos can be talked about for a very long time. It seems that the British actor decided to completely cover the body with drawings. He has a tattoo of his son, a panorama of London, theatrical masks, the British flag and many more images that are significant to him.

Chris Evans, best known for playing Captain America in the Marvel film series, got himself a Taurus tattoo in honor of his mother. It is this tattoo that the actor calls his beloved.

Jessica Alba graced her hand with three constellations to celebrate the birth of her children. It is interesting that up to this point, the actress was very categorical about the tattoo and said that she would never dare to take this step.

In our selection you will find tattoos of other stars. Perhaps the work of the masters will inspire you to go to a tattoo parlor.

We also offer you to see some interesting options. white tattoo… These drawings, although not very noticeable, but they look amazing.

Main photo: Instagram / teamcevans

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