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The world was captivated by a new fashion trend – tattoos in the form of three-dimensional butterflies. It looks incredible. One gets the impression that a real overseas beauty is sitting on the shoulder, says The many directions of tattoos sometimes boggle the imagination – for example, a series of tattoos from childhood. Not everyone would dream of getting a tattoo in the form of a cartoon character. It looks incredibly fabulous.

The most spring tattoos

Surprisingly, these three-dimensional butterflies adorn the bodies of not only women, but also some men. These winged messengers of the upcoming heat and sun appear so conveniently on the bodies of their owners that it is impossible not to smile when they see such beauty. It is worth giving tribute to the tattoo artists. After all, not every master can make a three-dimensional image. Moreover, using such a huge palette of colors and shades.

And it doesn’t matter that it’s cold outside and it’s snowing. After all, we know that this is not for long. And the appearance of butterflies is proof of that. Therefore, if you have long dreamed of a tattoo – pay attention to our selection of three-dimensional butterflies.

The art of tattooing has its origins long before the birth of Christ. And patterns were applied to the bodies of both the poor and the bodies of representatives of noble families. And each tattoo carried its own sacred meaning. Only now have tattoos become an adornment of the body. And the masters do an excellent job with this.

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