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White tattoos look very unusual and incredibly beautiful. And although many believe that such a color is for application underwear does not fit at all, many masters prove that they are wrong. has put together some amazing white ink tattoo works for you.

Original and beautiful white tattoos

When you think of a tattoo, you most likely imagine that it is composed of black or colored ink. However, there are some wearable designs done with white paint. They look much softer, more original and thinner, which makes them more and more popular every year.

Professional tattoo artists have proven that white pigment can be used not only for highlighting the main pattern or creating shadows. True, making a white tattoo is much more difficult. This is not to say that every master can handle this type of tattoo. This requires an experienced artist.

Of course, the quality of the drawing also depends on the color of the skin of the person who decided to get a white tattoo. Many craftsmen offer their clients to add a little darker accent to a light drawing. For example, combine white and black drawing. These tattoos look amazing and attract the attention of everyone around you.

However, masters warn that if you choose pure white ink, the tattoo can become almost invisible over time, and the pattern on the skin will look like a raised scar. Therefore, the choice of white must be carefully considered.

An interesting detail of white tattoos is that under normal light they will look normal, but under ultraviolet light, that’s a completely different story. The white ink will glow making your tattoo literally come to life in the nightclub. Keep this in mind when choosing a white tattoo.

We also invite you to find out some beautiful and elegant ideas for tattoo on wrist… Miniature tattoos look great. If you really want to make a body drawing, but do not want it to attract a lot of attention, these sketches will suit you.

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