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Now, thanks to a South Korean artist, we can take our pets everywhere. Of course in a figurative sense. In South Korea, a new trend is rapidly gaining popularity, cartoon tattoos of their pets.

Although tattoos are illegal in South Korea, it doesn’t stop anyone. According to the information that JoinInfo journalist, Olya Lexie, prepared for you, there is an artist in Seoul named Jiran. He is known for specializing in unique and funny animal tattoos. Instead of focusing on details, Jiran recreates the animals in a unique cartoon form. Each tattoo is a funny cartoon that necessarily reflects the true nature of the animal. We invite you to see his work. Well, if it’s not enough, you can see more of his tattoos on Instagram.

Tattoos are popular not only in South Korea, for example, Ksenia Borodina is going to get a new tattoo, which she was quick to boast about.

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