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Often we are faced with nonsense in life. On the one hand, it is funny, life is not so boring, but on the other, it sometimes causes very strange emotions. Simply put, shows you the strangest tattoo, as if asking their owners: Why?

Yes, decorating your body lately is almost the duty of every person who considers himself modern. People strive to apply a new tattoo, get another piercing, dye their hair in some unusual way, and even get plastic, wanting to radically transform themselves.

We will not talk about radical changes, we invite you to pay attention to the strange tattoos, which, as a result, can only cause stuck and no more. Either the masters are not professionals, or people themselves see it this way … It is not clear why they did this to themselves. But what can we do? Watch and learn from other people’s mistakes.

Let’s not be verbose and suggest going to the gallery, where the strangest tattoo ideas are waiting for you. We hope that all these people who have done this to themselves have done it deliberately. Otherwise, we can only sympathize.

Do you have a tattoo on your body?

By the way, three-dimensional butterflies in flight have become fashionable. The new tattoo trend looks attractive and very interesting.

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