Pink spoke about the “replenishment in the family”: the singer sheltered an animal from the nursery

Famous singer Pink (Pink) manages not only to perform on stage and delight fans with bright creativity. The performer of the hit “Sober” spends all her free time with her family, which she talks about in her personal microblog on Instagram. In a new publication, the star told about the “addition to the family”, showing a new four-legged friend, reports

Singer Pink introduced fans to a new family member

Performer Alisha Beth Moore, better known as Pink, is active on social media. In her personal microblogging, the singer shares the details of the creative process, details of performances and family moments. The star also often travels with children and spouse, which she tells subscribers about.

In a new post, Pink showed a new photo of her daughter, Willow, hugging a cute puppy. “Thanks to the Nashville Humane Association for showing us the puppies and letting us play with them. Of course we went home with one of them. Meet our new rescued, his name is Nash.” ed.), – the singer wrote in the publication.

Judging by the hashtags that the singer added, she still cannot believe that this cute baby will live in their family. Subscribers appreciated this deed. They praise Pink for adopting a puppy and now he will have a loving owner.

“Yes, for adoption! Great choice”, “I love that you saved the dog. Congratulations!”, “Willow is happy”, “So cute. He will have a wonderful life”, “He is wonderful. You will have fun together” (translated from English – ed.), – the followers write.

Pink is an animal rights activist

By the way, Pink is a member of an organization that fights for animal rights. The singer even wrote to British Prince William criticizing the fox hunt. The performer also promotes the rejection of natural fur and is a vegetarian.

For a long time, Pink had an English Bulldog dog named Elvis. Unfortunately, the dog drowned in the pool near the artist’s house. The star was so worried about the death of the pet that she immortalized the memory of him by making a tattoo on her left hand.

There are a lot of animal lovers among celebrities. Some stars take to their home dogs from kennels… And Tom Hardy, for example, found a four-legged friend on the street.

Photo: Instagram / pink, piinksdiary

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