Rihanna’s tattoos: a pop star told which ones are in trend today

Rihanna decided to get herself a new tattoo. But not just a tattoo, but according to the ancient technique of the Maori tribe in New Zealand.

Shortly thereafter, however, the singer decided that her new tattoo was not beautiful enough, and it could only be tweaked in one salon in New York, of which she is a regular. At this time, Rihanna was in the Dominican Republic, and the next day she had a concert scheduled in Puerto Rico. Problem? Not at all. Rihanna simply paid for a plane ticket to Barbados, where she celebrated Halloween, for tattoo artists who did not give up on such an unexpected trip. Of course, if, for example, you have recently sued the Topshop brand for $ 1.5 million, then you can afford not such a whim.

Kate McCurdy and Joe Cali – not only Rihanna’s tattooists, but also Katy Perry and Justin Bieber coped with their task at the highest level, however, they had to spend about 11 hours on the singer’s hand.

The media notes that Rihanna is addicted to tattoos that cannot be counted on her body. Moreover, each new one becomes an excellent PR reason for the singer to appear in the press. However, such a life is quite in the style of Rihanna, as she herself declares. But the fans of the pop star even managed to make a rating of the most-very Rihanna’s tattoos.

Top 10 Rihanna tattoos:

1. Egyptian Queen Nefertiti

2. Pistol

3. Skull

4. Dragon’s jaw

5. “Love”

6. “Shhh …”

7. Pisces is her zodiac sign

8. Her star

9. Goddess Isis


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