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Roman Shirokov’s tattoo

Roman Shirokov is a Russian footballer, originally from Dedovsk, currently playing for the football club Spartak. He started his football career at Lokomotiv. I also managed to play for Zenit and Krasnodar. He is a member of the Russian national team. Known for his scandalous nature and conflicts over alcohol abuse. The football player did not pass by the love of tattoos.

Photos show dates on both hands.

    1. The right hand on the inside shows date 28.08.08… This number is significant for an athlete, it was on this day that he first became a father. He had a son, who was named Igor.

Roman Shirokov's tattoo on the arm with the date of birth of his son

  1. Roman Shirokov’s second tattoo appeared shortly before the match with Rubin in August 2012. He went to the game with a bandaged hand. On the inner side of the left hand is the date 08.21.12. This date is also of great importance in the life of Roma, he became the father of his daughter Victoria.

Roman Shirokov's tattoo on his left arm with his daughter's date of birth

The use of significant dates is quite common. In this way, people display important events in their lives. It can be not only the birth of children, but also the dates of weddings, first kisses, birthdays of loved ones or your own. The advantage is the ability to hide such a tattoo, to make it just for yourself. Any place is suitable, even the smallest areas of the body, for example, behind the ear, on the neck, on the wrists, and so on.

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