Royal tattoos: which of the royal persons hides a body drawing under clothes

Oftentimes, a tattoo is perceived by the public as rebelliousness. It is difficult to imagine that a queen or king would have a tattoo on their bodies. However, underwear has a long history in royal families.

Royal tattoos

King Edward VII of Great Britain and Ireland got a tattoo on his arm in 1862 while visiting Jerusalem. And twenty years later, in 1882, George V (the grandfather of the now ruling Elizabeth II) got himself a body drawing during a trip to Japan.

Despite the fact that such actions on the part of monarchs are quite rare, some members of the royal family still decide to decorate their bodies.

Which of the monarchs has a wearable pattern?

Lady Amelia Windsor

Photo: Instagram amelwindsor

The 22-year-old, who has been recognized by the public as the most beautiful royal special in Britain, does not hesitate to express her own style. The granddaughter of Elizabeth II’s cousin has a tattoo on her ribs in the form of “ears”, as well as a drawing on her wrist and a picture of a tiger on her left shoulder.

Crown Prince Frederick

The heir to the Danish throne, the eldest son of Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik, will become king with two tattoos. However, this is not very strange. Since his grandfather, King Frederick IX, who ruled the country from 1947 until his death in 1972, had images of dragons and birds on his torso.

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Crown Prince Frederick, in turn, has an image of a shark on his shin and a tattoo that means “Pingu”. Body drawings of both monarchs were made to perpetuate their service in the Danish navy.

Sophia, Duchess of Vermland

Princess Sofia, daughter-in-law of the King and Queen of Sweden, was a former model and reality TV star. However, even having met the royal heir, she did not even think about getting a tattoo. On the contrary, she chose a wedding dress that emphasized the image of the sun on her back. She also has a butterfly tattoo on the neckline and a small pattern on her ankle.

Princess Stephanie of Monaco

The youngest daughter, Grace Kelly and the former Prince of Monaco, was fondly called the “wild child.” After the death of her mother, the girl became even more reckless. It was during this period that she filled herself with several tattoos – a flower bracelet, two jumping dolphins and a statement on her back.

Pauline Ducruet

Princess Stephanie’s 24-year-old daughter followed in her mother’s footsteps. She visits a tattoo parlor quite often and boasts a picture of a daisy on her arm.

Charlotte Casiraghi

Granddaughter Grace Kelly, who recently gave birth to her second child, has a star on her belly.

Kate Middleton

Despite the fact that at the beginning of 2018 the Duchess of Cambridge got herself a henna tattoo, we decided to add it to our list. One of the most popular royals boasted of her Hindi tattoo, which probably faded quite quickly after being applied.

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