Scientists have proven that tomatoes help get rid of wrinkles

German scientists claim that tomatoes can fight old age. According to them, these vegetables are loaded with the antioxidant lycopene, which protects the body from harmful UV radiation. Of course, tomatoes are not a substitute for sunscreen, but they can be an effective tool in the fight against the effects of solar radiation on the body, says

Tomatoes can fight wrinkles

Scientists say that now tomatoes can be actively used in cosmetology and medicine. They also learned about the health benefits of spinach and feces. It turns out they also contain beneficial antioxidants.

To test the effectiveness of these products, scientists did some research and compared the skin of 65 people before and after taking the supplements. The results confirmed the words of scientists, the effectiveness is really high.


Journalist JoInfoMedia Lesya Melnik recalls that scientists talked about the dangers of tattoos.

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