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Shark tattoo meaning

Values: power, strength, freedom, fear, cunning, greed

Shark is one of the oldest and most dangerous creatures on the planet. According to archaeological data, sharks have lived in the seas and oceans of our planet for about forty million years, that is, this creature has survived even dinosaurs. Nature made the shark the perfect predator she is endowed with great strength, speed, power, wit and bloodthirstiness

The meaning of a shark tattoo is aimed at expressing rage and fearlessness, power and aggression, courage and perseverance, self-confidence and grace… But this is only in the general case, because over the course of many centuries, cultures of different peoples have revered the shark in different ways, attributing completely different qualities and characteristics to it. Shark tattoo is most suitable for persistent people, self-confident and rebellious

Let’s not forget that the shark is always used in speech in the feminine gender, so it can become an original distinctive symbol of a strong woman, and cause admiration, fear and curiosity among others. The value of a shark tattoo is also evident in its love of freedom and determination.

In the sections of ancient Polynesian tattoos, the shark symbol served as protection from predators and enemies. And on the Australian continent, sharks are treated with special respect and reverence, because for them the shark has become an image that binds the forces of land and sea. And for the Indians of Central and North America, sharks were a symbol of survival and hunting. Shark tattoos are often applied by people who work or often swim in the sea: sailors, sailors, fishermen, and others. For sailors, such a tattoo has become a way to express a willingness to do anything so that they do not wait for them on a long journey, a desire to return home to their relatives and a willingness to die at sea from sharks and hunger. In the Middle Ages, such a tattoo was treated as a strong amulet in the sea. And the inhabitants of the Pacific islands for a long time worshiped the image of the shark as the omnipotent spirit of water and saw grace and greatness in it. Japanese culture also treated the shark with respect, as the messenger of the boar, it was believed that the shark helps everyone who believes in it.

A separate meaning of the shark tattoo was its mention as a metaphor for successful business, or incredible success in gambling. Since ancient times, she has been a symbol of power, domination and superiority over a rival.

Separately, the hammerhead shark tattoo should be highlighted. This fish is one of the most unusual creatures in the world. The hammerhead shark image evokes feelings of surprise, fear and curiosity. This is a fish with unique abilities, some of which have not yet been solved by scientists. She is dangerous and bloodthirsty, in addition to the above meanings, it also symbolizes cunning and greed.

In general, if you are a self-confident person, you are distinguished by perseverance and a special desire to achieve your goal, a shark tattoo will suit you perfectly. She is also suitable for those who want to arouse fear and respect for themselves at the same time in others.

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