Show business stars delight fans with new tattoos

The attitude towards tattoos in society is ambiguous. The images on the body are different, and the associations too. Therefore, recently scientists have identified tattoos that interfere with finding a job. However, such warnings are not scary for show business stars: they have enough fans.

Cara Delevingne

The beauty model has gotten not one or two, but three tattoos this year. In May, she decided to attract the attention of fans with the image of a lion’s head, and a week later – with the initials on her arm. Her third tattoo, done in the summer, is a printed sign that says “Made in England”. Quite a bold decision By the way, a 20-year-old beauty loves to spend money on pleasure. She can often be seen in the company of her close friend Rihanna: crazy nights in pubs or on yachts and a lot of alcohol.


One of the most successful and beloved performers is also a fan of body images. This year she decided to get a tattoo of the Egyptian goddess Isis in flight, and it’s just below her chest. Very charming and provocative, don’t you think? The singer is known for her numerous tattoos – a star, a turtle, a crucifix, a dragon and various inscriptions. One of the most important for her is the tattoo on her right shoulder, which reads: “Never fail, always a lesson.”

Miley Cyrus

The provocative singer stunned everyone by choosing a new tattoo – a mini version of da Vinci’s heart. In addition to this unique tattoo, about a month ago, Miley decided to put a portrait of her beloved grandmother, Loretta Finley, on her body as a sign of her strong affection. The singer named the reason in the description under the photo: “Because I loved her, and she loved me.” The fans joked: the grandmother is next to the girl.

Justin Bieber

The young talent who is becoming more and more popular has many tattoos all over his body. For example, a large female eye painted on the inside of the elbow. The performer admitted that this tattoo is actually very dear to him and symbolizes the eyes of his mother.

Larry Sanders

The NBA star decided to get a new tattoo … but with a typo. On the hand nowadays the inscription Rеcieve flaunts. Larry’s hundreds of loyal fans were kind enough to point out to the star that there was a confusion. While the situation is frustrating, Sanders is proud of his tattoo choice and will likely correct the mistake soon.

Author: Irina Yurinova

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