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Values: wisdom, modesty, magic, wealth, fear, hatred

Spiders are considered to be unpleasant, nasty and intimidating insects. But, however, along with the negatives, the positive traits and symbols that characterize this animal are also well known.

In general the meaning of a spider tattoo illustrates thoroughness and thoroughness, neatness and secrecy, modesty and practicality, magic, creativity and creativity… Sometimes it is perceived as a symbol of development, movement forward, love of life and faith in good luck.

The spider has eight legs, so it is a symbol of infinity, harmony and cyclicality of life… Often, his eight legs unite the eight cardinal points and extol the spider as the ruler of the world and human destinies. If a spider is depicted descending on a web, it is considered a symbol of good luck and wealth. According to one of the biblical stories, spiders saved the life of little Jesus Christ, therefore, in Christianity, the attitude towards these animals is more positive. In ancient Rome, the spider was considered a symbol of discernment and good fortune, was a talisman of joy and well-being.

One of the Greek myths tells of the beautiful virgin Arachne, who was so good at weaving that Aphrodite herself envied her. By the will of the goddess, Arachne committed suicide, but after repentance, Aphrodite resurrected her in the form of a spider, giving her the opportunity to weave her fabrics forever. The spider is a symbol of balance, fertility and harmony., is often depicted as an old sage teacher. Not infrequently in mythology there are motives of the cunning of the spider, which are sometimes intertwined with its cruelty.

The negative meaning of the image of a spider comes from black and white magic, amulets from spider symbols are often used there. The images of werewolf spiders and sorcerer spiders are also known.

In Europe, spiders were often considered a symbol of fear and hatred; in the Middle Ages, they became one of the ways of spreading the plague.

The image of the web itself also carries no small semantic load. In many myths, she acts as a saving guiding thread, or a thread of human life. In India, the cobweb is a symbol of “maya” (illusion), it is associated with the fatality and fragility of human existence. In Egypt, the web also symbolized destiny, in Hinduism – the cosmic order. Some tribes of Oceania revered the spider as the creator of the universe, the aborigines of Australia also worshiped the spider as a hero. The Japanese believed that spider women lured travelers into traps.

In the prison world, spider tattoos are inflicted by racists and thieves. A spider on a web is often found among drug addicts, without a web – among pickpockets. It was not uncommon for prisoners to inflict cobwebs in a circle for each year they spent in the zone.

Spiders are very common and diverse animals, they can be peaceful and defenseless, or they can kill people with their deadly bites. Therefore, the meaning of spider tattoos is so rich and varied.

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