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Tattoo by Alexandra Vorobyova

Once you start getting tattoos, it is often difficult to stop. A bright and young performer with an incredibly beautiful voice of Alexander Vorobyov also has more than one tattoo. Each image carries a certain important meaning for her. A participant in the acclaimed project of performers “Voice 3” said that they mean strength for her and have a positive effect on her life.

Tattoo Alexandra Vorobyova not a step back only forward

The question of what is written on the tattoos of Alexandra Vorobyeva worried her fans from the very beginning of the television project.

  1. On the shoulder of Alexandra Vorobyova there is a tattoo with the inscription “Not a step back, only forward.” It is designed to motivate the singer to new achievements, not to give up in difficult situations. The motto is written in English.
  2. The next inscription is associated with Sasha’s vocation: “Music is life.” The artist is a creative person and tries to put all her inner strength into songs and music and give all her strength on stage.
  3. The third tattoo of Alexandra Vorobyova is also associated with music. It depicts a note drawn in the form of a cherry.

The path of a new star is just beginning and there are still many obstacles on the way. Hopefully her tattoos will really help you overcome them and succeed. It is not for nothing that it is believed that tattoos can change the life of the owner as much as he believes in it.

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