Tattoo ideas: professional advice, what and how to do it right

If you clearly, as they say, being in a sober mind and solid memory, decided to make yourself a tattoo, then, first of all, decide on the place where it will show off. Tattoo ideas are a very serious decision.

Think about which places are least susceptible to aging – a tattoo is for life and will not look very good on wrinkled skin. After deciding on this, consider that there may be times when you will need to hide or cover it and how best to do it. In addition, there are both “sore” places on the body, and those that will quite “tolerate” a machine and a needle.

Of course, it all depends on the individual sensitivity and pain threshold, but the masters assure that the most painful places are the abdomen, ribs, spine, chest, neck, wrist, folds, inner thigh and shoulder.


You cannot make a tattoo during pregnancy, lactation, skin diseases. Also, such diseases as AIDS and hepatitis, diabetes, poor blood clotting are contraindications.

Postpone the trip to the salon if you have a cold or at the time of an exacerbation of an allergy, for example, seasonal. And yes, you shouldn’t “beat” the tattoo on critical days.

Some salons themselves require the client to bring a doctor’s certificate to make sure of your health.

In addition, first visit the master and discuss with him your fantasies on the topic of drawing. Do not hesitate to ask for his certificate, and also see his other works, as a rule, masters make galleries of their works.

How to get a tattoo

Before applying the drawing, the master will necessarily treat his hands with an antiseptic, will use a disposable needle and put on gloves. They will also treat you with an antiseptic in those places where they will be “beaten”. All metal equipment must be taken out of the craft bag – this will indicate that they are thoroughly sterilized. Disposable plastic instruments should be opened before your eyes. In general, a tattoo parlor should be as clean as a surgical ward.

How much does it cost to get a tattoo

Usually, the cost of a tattoo is measured in hours of work of the artist and the price range differs significantly in different salons. The steeper the salon, the more expensive it is, like any other salon. On average, an hour of work of a tattoo artist costs from 1200 hryvnia and can reach 3000 hryvnia. The duration of the tattooing depends on the size, complexity and location of the drawing. One session lasts approximately 2-4 hours. If you don’t have the strength to endure the pain, ask the master to take a break – this is a common practice. Some tattoos, voluminous, on the floor of the body can be done for a month.

All recommendations for care will be given by the master, having previously bandaged a part of the body with a tattoo with cling film. For several hours it will be necessary to walk around, and then smear with what he “prescribes”.

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