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Tattoo of Roman Pavlyuchenko

Tattoos on the body of football players are common. Roman Pavlyuchenko, currently a member of the Kuban team, was no exception. During his football career, he managed to change several Russian clubs: Spartak, Lokomotiv, Rotor, Dynamo. He also played for the Russian national team and spent 4 years at Tottenham. Roman Pavlyuchenko’s tattoos are dedicated to his family. Fans believe that in addition to the well-known tattoos on his right hand, the footballer has more, but there is no confirmation of this.

Roma’s entire right hand is decorated with images and inscriptions dedicated to his wife and daughter.

    1. The footballer was born in mid-December and is Sagittarius. This is what the inscription in Latin Sagitarius says.

Tattoo of Roman Pavlyuchenko on the arm with the inscription in English Sagittarius

    1. On the inside, the inscription “Save and Preserve” is visible, which is surrounded by three dates: the birthday of his wife, daughter and his own. It symbolizes unity and feelings for loved ones, the desire to protect and protect the family.

Tattoo of Roman Pavlyuchenko with the inscription on the inside of the hand save and save

    1. On the hand there is more than one image of Pansy flowers. Thus, he expresses love and affection for his wife Anna, a touching and romantic attitude.

Tattoo of Roman Pavlyuchenko with the image of pansies on the arm

    1. The angel on the shoulder replaces the portrait of the wife. It symbolizes the associations associated with the wife. Designed to convey happiness from the meeting and gratitude for the daughter.

Tattoo of Roman Pavlyuchenko on the shoulder with the image of an angel

All tattoos are collected in a single composition, complement each other. According to Roman, tattoos serve as a certain amulet for him and his family and are made not for display, but to reflect feelings, significant events.

Fans take an example from their idol and often use similar images for their tattoos.

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