Tattoo with a QR code – a new unusual pass to Moscow restaurants

Currently, only people who have received the coronavirus vaccine can enter public institutions in Moscow. Also, catering staff are always happy to see people who have recovered with antibodies, but no one will take their word for it. To enter, you need to present a QR code, and Delivery Club offered a convenient way to always carry the code with you, reports.

Temporary tattoos from “Delivery Club”

Delivery Club is the largest food delivery service in Russia. The company has been operating since 2009, and in 2020 expanded its scope of activities to the delivery of food (and not just ready-made meals), medicines, cosmetics and pet products.

Photo: Instagram @delivery_club

Now the managers of “Delivery Club” offered the residents of Moscow a new idea. Since a QR code is required to enter restaurants, cafes and other public places, it is much more convenient to get a temporary tattoo with its image, rather than carry a paper certificate with you.

On the Delivery Club website, you can see six sketches of a temporary tattoo with a QR code. They last for about 1-2 weeks, are waterproof and you can get them without leaving your home, you just need to place an order and register a link to your QR code. After 10 days (or less), a courier will deliver a temporary tattoo kit.

tattoo with code
Temporary tattoos with QR code Photo: site screenshot DeliveryClub

The price for a temporary underwear drawing is 590 rubles. Netizens were divided on this issue. Some said that it was very convenient and futuristic, but others reminded the tattoo of special marks that concentration camp prisoners had.

We have previously written about other unusual temporary tattoos. Fashionistas make tattoos using sun rays and stencils. However, it is worth remembering that excessive exposure to the sun can be hazardous to health.

Main photo: Delivery Club

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