Tattooed bodybuilder Denis Shalnyh changes her husband’s status to a bachelor

And, as usual, it happens – betrayal. Wife Denis Shalny suspected her husband of infidelity, after which scandals, quarrels, misunderstandings and everything that usually leads to divorce began. inquired about the situation in more detail.

Denis Shalnykh and Victoria Melnikova

In 2017, Denis and Victoria tied the knot. Everything was excellent, modest, beautiful. No one was called to the painting, even Elena Yakovleva was absent. It seems like happiness loves silence.

For two years, according to StarHit, the couple lived in harmony and understanding. Denis constantly experimented with something, tried himself in different roles, even managed to work in a children’s camp. The wife, as expected, supported her faithful and also took an active part, both in the creative life of her husband and in the lchina.

And then something went wrong. Victoria suspected Crazy of treason and debriefing began. As a result, the relationship only worsened, and daily quarrels led again to the registry office, only with the aim of dissolving the marriage. For two months they seem to no longer live together, unsubscribed from each other on social networks, but you must admit that this is an indicator in modern times, and they deleted joint photos.

Photo: moonmoonotterboi

Acquaintances close to the couple suggest that most likely Denis is simply not yet ready for family life, for the responsibility that has taken on him, and in general he is a man of creativity, and such people need freedom more. Therefore, the news that the young man decided to resume the status of a bachelor is not at all surprising. But time will tell if this is so.

What does Dnis Shalnykh do

Photo: moonmoonotterboi

The son of Elena Yakovleva is already a very peculiar personality. He is interesting for his unique thinking. Moreover, this applies to all spheres of life. He started with tattoos and bodybuilding, and now he’s moved to a barbershop. Previously, he was fond of bodybuilding, or rather, he is now fond of him, but it seems that his dreams have changed.

The actress once said in an interview that her son dreams of competing in international bodybuilding competitions, but before that he does everything possible to become a fitness trainer.

Denis Crazy

This is how Denis looked a few years ago. Photo: @elena_yakovleva_official

However, today the entire microblogging Denis Shalny filled with masculine, trendy and stylish haircuts.

Photo: moonmoonotterboi

Well, they say that he plans to develop his own musical group. But such people are not very constant in their hobbies, which, by the way, are very interesting. Versatility is also a kind of talent.

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