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Tattoos of the singer Maxim on the arm and wrist

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Singer Maxim got her first tattoo at the age of 13. For her, it was a time of misunderstanding on the part of the family, scandals with her mother, which culminated in a trip to a tattoo parlor. Many are familiar with this story. Today we will talk about two tattoos of a young girl.

On her majority, Maxim gave herself a tattoo on her shoulder. Initially, it was supposed to be a tattoo with a cat, but according to the owner herself, the drawing looks more like a ferret or marten. At the bottom of the plot, you can also see the initials of M.M. in the form of waves.

Tattoo singers-Maxim

More recently, the young singer adorned her body with another tattoo. Tattoo Maxim on the left wrist is a phrase in Latin: Lupus pilum mutat, non mentem. If you literally translate this saying, you get something like The wolf changes wool, not nature


In an interview, Maksim confessed her love for tattoos and stated that she often thinks about new acquisitions. Perhaps the next tattoo will be placed on the lower leg. Well, we wish the girl new creative success, and the vse-o-tattoo.ru portal will closely follow not only new songs, but also new tattoos of the pop star.

tattoo Tina Kandelaki 1
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