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The meaning of a butterfly tattoo

Values: beauty, tenderness, soul, femininity, grace

Every person who wants to give a tattoo some meaning is trying to find in it some of his own character traits, or personal views of the world. In fact, each tattoo has a huge number of meanings, in particular the meaning of a butterfly tattoo illustrates such a variety of symbols… The butterfly has become a traditionally famous female symbol for a long time, embodying all the gentle, positive feminine qualities.

In general, the image of a butterfly in different countries and peoples at different times had different meanings. So in Mexico, the butterfly became a symbol of reverence for the memory of deceased loved ones who left after earthly life in paradise, the personification of the very soul of man. In Japan, this animal is associated with lightness, grace, and is a symbol of femininity. In Roman culture, the butterfly in any form was considered a herald of war.

In ancient times, among the tribes of South America, the butterfly symbolized a quivering fire, the spirit of the stars and the souls of women who died during childbirth. The Aztecs believed that the souls of warriors who fell in battle turn into butterflies – so beautiful, weightless, carefree. In ancient Greece, the soul was also represented in the form of a girl with butterfly wings. And in German-Scandinavian myths, the butterfly became a reflection of the element of air. Therefore, the forest air spirits – elves looked like little men with butterfly wings.

The Christian religion accepts the butterfly as a symbol of the resurrection and rebirth of the immortal soul. Among the Slavs, this fragile animal was also associated with the soul, but not rarely and was considered a harbinger of death. Speaking about modernity, we can say that in some circles there is an understanding of the image of a butterfly as a symbol of all frivolous girls

As you can see the meaning of the butterfly tattoo was inextricably linked by the wise eras with the concept of the human soul and the feminine, surrounded by beauty, tenderness, lightness and grace

Also, a butterfly tattoo carries signs of immortality and transformation, since the life cycle of a given creature consists of three stages “caterpillar – chrysalis – butterfly”. She is born, dies and again begins to live in a different guise.

Men use the butterfly pattern quite rarely, but, nevertheless, it is also found in them. For that, among women, a butterfly tattoo never loses its popularity, because such a small cute creature brings only joy, it is also a sign of the beginning of summer. On the body, such a small tattoo will look gentle, as they say “no frills”, simple, bright and beautiful.

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