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The meaning of a cat tattoo

Values: freedom, magic, peace, night, yin

Despite the fact that the main meaning of the tattoo with a drawing of a cat suffered quite a lot and was inclined towards the culture of prison tattoos, where the sign of thieves meant, it is still very popular with ordinary people, because there are other meanings.

For example, recently the value cat tattoo acquired a new symbol and began to mean magic, mutability, desires, night and freedom… And this is only part of the meanings that this tattoo has. As for why this tattoo is classified as a prison tattoo, it has been going on since the thieves began to put this tattoo on their bodies, believing that it will bring them good luck, because the black cat is very inconspicuous in the dark.

But this is a rather new meaning, among the ancient peoples the cat tattoo had a different meaning, cats and cats were perceived as personification of the night and the moon… But there are some points here too. This personification was not always positive, for example, among the Celts, a cat meant a funeral symbol and the wild power of the earthly principle. In China, images with cats were attributed to the principle yin (feminine), this is also where possession of evil forces and the ability to transform

From the North American Indians, the cat received the meaning of the symbol of theft and evil power, it is possible that the convict tattoo culture borrowed the meaning of the cat tattoo from there. In Christianity, the drawing of a cat was generally associated with demonic animals, with darkness, laziness, lust, and even Satan. In general, there are enough negative images, but this does not mean at all that they are all like that, there are also positive images.

The ancient Greeks and Romans added positive meanings to the image of the cat. They meant symbol of the moon goddess and freedom, which is quite typical of these two peoples. For the Japanese, the cat symbolized transformation and peaceful rest, peace, for the Scandinavians, cats were the animals of Freya, the goddess of love and battle, they accompanied her everywhere. But the ancient Egyptians went farthest, because all their people worshiped cats and cats.

In one of the hypostases, the sun God Ra was a “great cat” who daily wins victory over the serpent, which, in turn, personifies evil. Thus, Ra saved the earth and all its inhabitants, for which he was loved by the people. Thus, you should not worry about the fact that a tattoo with a cat will be considered something negative, when you do it, on the contrary, you will have the opportunity to tell and explain to everyone that you are investing in its meaning something kind, good and positive.

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