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The meaning of a crown tattoo

Values: power, loyalty, leadership, superiority, longevity

A crown tattoo is quite rare. And different people accept the meaning of crown tattoos in different ways. The crown in medieval symbolism meant a relation to the imperial or other ruling family. It was often painted on the coats of arms and flags of knights and monarchical countries, and is still used today.

In general, the meaning of a crown tattoo is a desire for power, a crown is an elite tattoo that emphasizes a person’s high position in society.

If the crown is depicted over the heart, it symbolizes good luck.… In the Celtic bracelet, which contains a heart with a crown held by two hands, the heart means love, the crown symbolizes loyalty, the hands represent true friendship.

Girls apply themselves a small tattoo with a crown in the original style in order to stand out or show their superiority over all other members of the fairer sex. Not everyone is worthy of such a tattoo.

When the crown is depicted together with other symbols, it indicates the high authority and importance of this symbol, its superiority over other symbols of decomposition.

In some cultures and religions, the crown is considered a symbol of divinity. In Christianity, the golden crown of Mary Magdalene is well known, and in Greek mythology, the laurel crown of Apollo stands out. In Korea, a turtle with a crown is a symbol of tranquility and longevity.

The crown is a widely used symbol in criminal tattoos. In the underworld, the meaning of the crown tattoo is special

If a crown is found in a prisoner’s tattoo, this undoubtedly indicates that this person has high authority in the zone. It may indicate a particularly grave crime of the convicted person, or an unwillingness to succumb to correction, this is a sign of hatred of the administration and order.

The crown over the wriggling snake, became an attribute of an authoritative thief in law, indicated the position of the “beholder”. A tiger with a crown and a skull in its paws is the hallmark of the Gopniks, symbolizing the desire for violence. The crown with red card suits forms a tattoo with the name “The King of All Stripes”. Such a tattoo was applied forcibly to passive homosexuals… The crown on the back is a sign of humiliation.

But no matter how this symbol is used in the underworld, for an ordinary person, a crown in a tattoo symbolizes power, leadership and composure… It is an attribute of strong and purposeful personalities.

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