Meanings of tattoos

The meaning of a diamond tattoo

Values: wealth, abundance, invincibility, unisex

In general, diamond tattoos are very often divided into two different types. The first look implies that it will be a painted diamond on your skin. The second type is more serious and unusual, these should be real stones glued to your skin with the help of a special material, this is more like a piercing. But it goes without saying that just a diamond tattoo is in great demand, and not sticking diamonds on the skin.

This is not surprising, a diamond tattoo will cost much less than buying real Swarovski stones. Now let’s consider a diamond tattoo meaning, which, by the way, has a very deep meaning. In the West diamond means incorruptibility and symbolizes loyalty and honesty… It is for this reason that wedding rings are most often decorated with this particular stone.

In addition, the diamond means wealth, abundance, high status, therefore, it is not uncommon for a diamond tattoo to be used even as a talisman that will bring good luck on a journey aimed at a financial and luxurious life. The diamonds themselves were known even in Ancient India, mentions of them can be found in special texts in Sanskrit dating back to the 4th century BC.

After that, the diamonds got to Europe, where their name was translated as “invincible“, From Greek. This name suited this stone very well, because it fully reflected its main property – incredible strength. And since then, India has been supplying diamonds to Europeans until the early 18th century.

A diamond is a symbol of integrity, constancy, it also means sunlight, this is all due to the fact that it combines such qualities as strength and radiance, it turns out a very bright stone. The diamond is considered the most real spiritual symbol. In the same India, the throne of the Buddha symbolizes the unchanging center of the universe, and his scepter is a tantric symbol of divine energy. And this is all for a reason, because both the throne and the scepter are adorned with diamonds.

Such a tattoo is well suited for both guys and girls, so it can be classified as unisex. So interesting and enjoyable value in the form of wealth, high status, and simply beauty will not leave anyone indifferent and will delight both the owner of such a tattoo and his friends, who will have the opportunity to contemplate such beauty, so it is better to place the tattoo in a prominent part of the body.

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