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The meaning of a diamond tattoo

Values: strength, luck, purity, invincibility, invincibility, happiness

Diamond is the hardest, most durable and most valuable stone in the world, and the meaning of the tattoo of this stone is intended to convey or take over all the properties of this unique stone. Diamond is translated from Greek as “invincible”. It was first found in India in the fourth century BC, and brought to Europe, where it gained its incredible popularity and value.

In general the meaning of a diamond tattoo is the embodiment of hardness, courage and invincibility… Also in the art of tattooing, it is often perceived as a symbol that brings good luck and happiness.

Even in ancient times it was believed that if you constantly carry a diamond with you, then it will give strength in battle and relieve fear… This symbol is also very famous as remedy against evil forces: ghosts, evil eyes and epidemics. The British Queen Elizabeth herself was the first to apply a diamond for protection during the plague in Europe.

The diamond is also often accepted as a classic feminine tattoo. For women, it can become a symbol of fertility; according to legend, a woman’s diamond protects her child in the womb from all evil forces.

Often a diamond tattoo can be attributed to the section of magical tattoos, because this pattern, like the stone itself, has incredible magical energylike other rare stones. And not everyone is able to cope with this power (energy), therefore it is not strange that in the Middle Ages the diamond was called the stone of priests and emperors. According to one of the Christian legends, Satan could not stand the light emanating from the sparkle of a diamond.

Diamond is light, a symbol of peace and the sun, it is also called a sign of perfection, purity and incorruptibility. For strong people, the meaning of a diamond tattoo is sincerity and invincibility, it embodies virtue, and the sincere light of the human soul.

A diamond tattoo has a special meaning in India, as in the country of origin. The famous Indian diamond throne of the Buddha has become a symbol of infinity, constancy and the center of the entire universe, and the diamond scepter is a symbol of tantric power. Also in Asia, the diamond embodies divine ruling energy. Diamonds in wedding rings are a symbol of loyalty and love.

It becomes clear that the meaning of a diamond tattoo is conveyed by the properties of the stone itself – durability and invincibility, and also illustrates a unique combination of radiance and strength, which forms its incredibly great value. For a girl he can be a good sign of innocence and purity

As a conclusion, we can say that the diamond is the very one of the stones, which, without a doubt, can be exalted above the whole kingdom of minerals and jewelry.

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