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The meaning of a dragonfly tattoo

Values: strength, speed, lightness, endurance, courage, mysticism

A dragonfly in a tattoo is a rather popular and interesting symbol. The popularity of this tattoo is due to the fact that the animal dragonfly is widespread and diverse – in different species it is found almost all over the planet. And the main interest of the dragonfly lies in its antiquity. The dragonfly is one of the most ancient insects in the world (about 300 million years old), its fossil remains are found in the earth’s rocks before the Jurassic period.

It should be noted the special attitude to the dragonfly from the side of Japanese culture and beliefs. They have this animal has become a recognized symbol of military strength and courage., at one time many dragonflies were even sacrificed to the gods, asking for victory in battle. The main island of Japan – Honshu was in ancient times called the island of dragonflies. The Japanese betrayed special qualities and attributes to each species of these animals, for example, the “tombo” dragonfly was considered the owner of courage and a symbol of good luck.

Among the American Indians, the dragonfly was considered a symbol of activity and speed., she was associated with an elusive whirlwind, and also believed that they take the souls of the dead. The Chinese have a dragonfly – a symbol of the onset of summer, as well as a symbol of fragility and changeability

In Europe, the attitude to this animal was also special: the fact is that in English the dragonfly is translated as “dragonfly”, which literally translates as “dragon fly”. Therefore, a dragonfly could often be associated with witches (especially in the Middle Ages). As a result, our ancestors, the Slavs, soon looked at the dragonfly with apprehension and fear.

In Sweden, there are myths that the dragonfly is responsible for weighing human souls to the devil, in Romania it is believed that dragonflies were also people, but then succumbed to the temptation of the devil. They also say that trolls used it to sew clothes.

The meaning of a dragonfly tattoo is somewhat reminiscent of the meaning of a butterfly tattoo, taking over its lightness and personifying immortality and rebirth.

In modern understanding, the meaning of a dragonfly tattoo is considered more suitable for girls, especially those who are brave and courageous. Such a tattoo embodies the combination of some opposites and contradictions: after all, outwardly, the dragonfly looks very fragile and tender, vulnerable and light, but, despite this, its endurance and strength, courage and predatory abilities take place.

The dragonfly is the fastest insect in the world, so people who love speed and risk often inflict it on themselves.… The list of attributes and characteristics of a dragonfly also includes: easy climb and non-attachment to one place – inconstancy, invincibility and wisdom, freedom and even love.

A unique feature of the dragonfly is the fact that it begins its life in the water, and then wings appear and it can fly. Thus, the dragonfly was able to conquer two elements – water and air, you must admit that not everyone succeeds. Although their mystical properties take place, in any case, dragonflies are very necessary and positive animals.

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