Meanings of tattoos

The meaning of a feather tattoo

Values: beauty, lightness, timidity, subtlety, compassion

The feather in a tattoo is quite common and has many different meanings and symbolic shades. It all depends on the style and shape of the applied drawing. The feather tattoo first appeared among the ancient Indian tribes. The indigenous people of the American mainland feather tattoo symbolized the rebirth of life (of all life on earth) or immortality. Only people who deserved the universal respect of the tribe had the right to wear such a tattoo: leaders, shamans, elders, healers and brave warriors. It was believed that the image of a feather on the body contributed to closer contact with the gods, and allows you to communicate and negotiate with them. Also, the Indians used feathers to set fire to the curule pipe. And Indian warriors often tattooed themselves with an eagle feather in order to adopt the qualities of this brave animal – strength and courage. The Indians have always adorned their clothes with eagle feathers, this testifies to the high reverence and respect for this fearless bird. The eagle was considered by them a symbol of sovereign power, all-seeing and omnipotent.

Today, all known feather tattoos can be divided into two groups: traditional indian tattoos and ordinary tattoos with feathers of peacock, eagle, crane and others.

In general, the value a feather tattoo expresses such symbols as lightness, flight or rise, spirituality and trust, creativity and love of freedom, strong will and courage

The meaning of a red feather tattoo is a symbol of victory, if a feather cut in half is a sign of pain or a memory of a wound to the soul, it can mean defeat, a broken hope or a broken dream. The abandoned feather is a symbol of parting and autumn sadness.

The peacock feather has become a symbol of the starry sky since the time of Ancient Greece, it also means wealth, luxury and nobility. In China, it means high dignity and rare beauty. In Buddhism, compassion and vigilance. Peacock feathers are often considered a symbol of renewal and cyclicality, because the peacock changes its appearance over time. Females most often find their gentle features in the meaning of a feather tattoo. They are attracted by the incredible lightness and subtle beauty of bird feathers. A feather tattoo is well suited to creative, free-thinking and open-minded people.

As you can see, the meaning of a feather tattoo directly depends on which bird was the owner of this feather, and in what context this timid symbol is drawn.

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