Meanings of tattoos

The meaning of a gun tattoo

Values: danger, safety, independence

A tattoo with a pistol in this art is a fairly new phenomenon, and therefore rare. This tattoo is equally suitable for guys and girls, gender discrimination can manifest itself only in the method and color, shape and style of the image. After all, girls, as a rule, make pistols small and originally beautiful, often in decomposition with other female symbols, and guys can make them simple, but very large. In generalthe meaning of a gun tattoo is to express a few hooligan feelings, expressing their danger and emancipation, indifference and self-confidence… For girls, a gun is a sign of independence and some insolence.

Pistol tattoos can be conditionally divided into two types: paired and single. A couple of pistols (most often revolvers) have become such-and-such an imitation of the style of the Wild West, they are often depicted crossed. Single pistols have many varieties and types, and are often perceived as a means of psychological protection against provocations and insults. Such a tattoo is often done by servicemen, people who spent a lot of time with weapons, fought and killed. For them, it is a memory of the past and a hope for the future.

The meaning of a gun tattoo on the zone is also not simple. Oddly enough, the prisoners did not portray him as a threat, to emphasize their danger, and most of all he was a sign of regret. That is, along with such items as cards, alcohol, syringe, girls, he symbolized “that which is destroying us.” Therefore, a pistol tattoo can be saturated with some regrets about their criminal acts. But if they depict a pistol with a rose, it means blood for treason.

If we talk about the places where this tattoo is applied, then the zones where people really carry weapons are dominant: the lower abdomen (behind the belt), the thigh (for girls), but they are also not rare on the back, on the chest, small ones on the shoulder.

A pistol is a manifestation of freedom, seriousness and playfulness at the same time.… The exact meaning depends on how you depict this symbol, in what context and on what zone. But if you want to feel like a secret agent, a fearless cowboy, or a hunter, then a gun tattoo is exactly what you need.

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