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The meaning of a lily tattoo

Values: hope, glory, harmony, calmness, tenderness

Lily is a very popular flower for tattoos today, especially for women. The main symbolic meaning of this flower somewhat coincides with the meaning of the lotus in Eastern traditions. General the meaning of a lily tattoo is harmony, tranquility, nobility, glory and innocence, peace, greatness and tenderness

In Christianity, the lily was the personification of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, therefore, it was considered a symbol of modesty, humility and meekness. She is often depicted in the hands of the Archangel Gabriel on the icons of the Annunciation.

In Greco-Roman culture, lilies were also assigned to the virgin goddesses as attributes. It was believed that these wonderful flowers grew from the milk of the earth goddess Hera. In Rome, the lily became a symbol of hope, it was depicted on ancient Roman coins.

In many cultures and civilizations, in particular in Ancient Egypt, the lily was a recognized symbol of fertility. It was used to decorate the bodies of dead young girls. German medieval beliefs say that elves live in lilies. In Crete, the lily pattern was used by representatives of noble families as a distinctive sign. Symbolized prosperity and royalty in the Byzantine Empire. Later, the lily appeared on the emblem of medieval France and became a symbol of special benevolence and respect.

White lily and white rose occupy the same place among flowers as diamonds among stones, being the most beautiful and valuable, they can also be the embodiment of wealth. Sometimes a white lily means death… Several flowers on one stem are considered a symbol of immortality. The yellow lily tends to symbolize pride, impregnability, and arrogance., brindle (orange) – independence and originality, sometimes hatredPink lily – a symbol of youth and tenderness… And lily flowers of dark shades are associated with the fragrance and beauty of the night, embody desire and passion.

In the Sumerian-Semitic traditions, lily meant fertility and fertility. In alchemy, the lily is always associated with the feminine principle. Among the Jews, it means trust in the Lord and remains the emblem of the tribe of Judah. In art, I sometimes use a lily and a sword as symbols of innocence and guilt, respectively.

It should be noted that the meaning of a lily tattoo as a female symbol is very rich, not monotonous and not always positive. At one time, women of easy virtue were noted with a tattoo of a lily on the shoulder.

From all of the above, we can conclude that the more beautiful a flower is from itself, the deeper and richer its symbolism in a tattoo, the more difficult it is to understand and fully comprehend.

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