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The meaning of a lion tattoo

Values: power, wisdom, nobility, power, greatness, ferocity, courage

The image of a lion in a number of all other animals used in tattooing is strongly distinguished by a wealth of meanings, habitual respect and deep symbolism. The lion is a very ancient revered symbol that is found in the mythologies and religions of many peoples throughout the earth: from East to West and from North to South.

The meaning of the lion tattoo expresses the main concept as a symbol of royal power and respect, because in many cultures the lion was revered as the dawn of all animals… The symbolism of a lion tattoo can be described by a number of lion characteristics and qualities: justice and wisdom, greatness and power, ferocity and harmony, courage and nobility, loyalty and power.

In Buddhism, the lion is noble and courageous, brings good luck and happiness. Leo is the protector of the law, the wisdom of the Buddha himself, progress, courage and spiritual zeal… Leo symbolizes an enlightened person who does not obey any authorities, he is his own king. The female lion became an attribute of Tara. In early Christianity, Jesus was called the “King of Kings” and was often depicted as a lion. This animal is mentioned several times in the Bible and is depicted next to the apostle-evangelist Mark. In Islam, the lion is known as a fearless protector from evil. In Jewish traditions, the lion is a symbol of cruelty and power. Leo with wings is a sign of the South or Leo of Judea, as well as a combination of two elements – earth and air.

In Egypt, in the form of a lioness, they portrayed the punitive goddess Sekhmet, who was the embodiment of the sizzling heat of the sun and retribution. The male lion was an honorable guardian and personified protection. The two-headed lion was a symbolic image of the sun gods of dawn and dusk, two lions turned away from each other meant the separation of the past and the future, yesterday and today. In ancient Rome, the lion meant solar fire and royalty, was an attribute of the god Apollo, Hercules and the goddess Fortune. He became a symbol of victory over the devouring power of death. In Greek mythology, the lion accompanies the goddess Artemis, Phoebus, and Tyche. The chariots of Juno and Cybel were drawn by lions.

In China, the lion denotes courage and strong energy.… In alchemy, the red lion represents the masculine principle. In many African cultures and mythologies, the lion is represented as a great creator and destroyer. Leo is a symbol of perseverance and perseverance, it reunites pride and justice, ferocity and authority… A roaring lion is a warning of possible danger, aggression and inaccessibility. A reminder of the predatory nature and ruthlessness to the victims of this animal.

But we should not forget that the meaning of a lion tattoo primarily indicates a symbol of sovereign power and inaccessibility. Lionheart is very brave and fearless. Leo is one of the twelve signs of the zodiac, therefore, it is also mentioned in astrology as the owner of a good mind and a strong character.

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