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The meaning of a lizard tattoo

Values: agility, rebirth, development, logic, evil

The lizard tattoo is well known and often used since antiquity. A lizard in a tattoo is most often depicted in the form of the Latin letter “S”, but a wide variety of species and colors of lizards also causes some differences in the meanings of a lizard tattoo.

In ancient times, the lizard was attributed to the elements of water and the moon, she symbolized agility and speed, elusiveness and cunning… In the Maori tribes, green lizards were considered the personification of dark, demonic forces, and at the same time they believed that the image of a lizard could scare away evil, therefore, in the tattoos of indigenous New Zealanders, the Maori perceive it as a powerful talisman and called it a patron demon.

In Greek mythology, the lizard was associated with the god of trade and rhetoric – Mercury. She associated with an allegorical depiction of logic. In the folklore of Australian aborigines and some peoples of Africa, the lizard is called the ancestor, its image is inherent in their folk tales and legends.

In general, in the ancient world, the lizard was revered as a symbol of wisdom and good luck of dexterity and logic.… South American Indian tribes considered it a symbol of fertility and sexuality. And in North America, lizards were called the patrons of rain – the heavenly element of water, they were also considered a symbol of growth and development. In the beliefs of our ancestors – the Slavs, the lizard was also a positive symbol, it was considered a fence from danger. In some peoples, it was believed that lizards could interpret dreams. In Russian fairy tales, lizards acted as brave faithful helpers of people, they warned about bad things and helped people. In the Ural Mountains, the lizard was considered the spirit of the copper mountain. For the ancient Romans, this reptile meant death and resurrection.

In Christianity, lizards, along with snakes, have become associated with evil and the devil. In Australia, ona has become a symbol of adultery or family misfortune.

The meaning of a lizard tattoo is often expressed as a symbol of agility and rebirth.… This is due to the lizards’ ability to regenerate. This property is expressed by the unique ability of lizards to leave or discard their tail and other parts of the body, which then grow back. Lizards do this in cases of danger or simply over time, when the tail wears out.

A lizard tattoo can be a talisman, it helps to find strength for further struggle and development.

Of all the other images of species of lizards, the chameleon and the monitor lizard stand out with a special symbolic meaning.

The chameleon, as you know, has become a generally recognized symbol of adaptation, originality and diversity, eccentricity and willfulness. The meaning of a chameleon tattoo is expressed by its creativity and extravagance, flexibility and fluidity.… In ancient times, the chameleon was associated with the element of air and believed that it feeds on the wind. Among the people, this animal has become a symbol of an unprincipled person who is easy to manipulate, who changes quickly under the influence.

The monitor lizard differs from all other lizards in its especially large size, it is often called the “Komodo dragon”. In ancient times, among the Thais, he was considered a harbinger of misfortune and misfortune, was a symbol of security.The meaning of a monitor lizard tattoo is expressed by patience and observation, composure and inner isolation, calmness and strength

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