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The meaning of a mermaid tattoo

Values: mystery, death, fear, femininity, sexuality

Mermaids in tattoos are very beautiful and versatile designs. After all, this mystical creature has an excellent, unique appearance, so the beauty of such a tattoo is ensured, and at the same time it is associated with many mysterious stories and myths, which gives it a deep symbolic meaning. Sailors were the first to apply such a tattoo.

Mermaids are fictional mythological creatures, half women, half fish. But in different countries they were described in different ways: from young beautiful girls to ugly awful old women. Mermaids are usually depicted naked, with beautiful long hair, sometimes with a mirror or sea pearls. According to the legend of the Slavic peoples, young drowned people and the souls of unbaptized children turned into mermaids. Who then came out of the rivers at night to comb their green hair, and if they meet a person, they will entice him to him, and then tickle him to death. Our ancestors, by the way, treated the image of the mermaid with great respect and trepidation, as the patroness of vegetation and crops. Considered her a symbol of rivers and forests, she brought good luck and grief

The mermaids were accused of entangling nets for fishermen and damaging dams for millers. The meaning of a mermaid tattoo expresses feminine energy, unique beauty and hidden danger… In ancient Greek mythology, the daughters of the gods were called mermaids, their images symbolized love and sexuality.

The peoples of Scandinavia and the Germanic tribes were well known for blond sirens, mermaids who sat on sea rocks and lured sailors with their singing to their death or into a whirlpool. For Norwegians and Vikings, mermaids were a bad omen and meant trouble was coming.

In the tattoos of prisoners, a mermaid can also be seen quite often. If she is depicted alone in the sea or on a stone, she symbolizes striving for freedom and brings good luck, if she is drawn chained to an anchor – this is a sign disappointment and loss of the most valuable

In the modern world, mermaid tattoos are equally common in men and women. But for a girl, such a tattoo seems more peculiar, it can be a subtle hint of eroticism and the desire to subjugate men with their beauty… And for men, this image means love and passion for beautiful women. And this is not surprising, because the songs and beauty of mermaids often drove sailors and fishermen crazy in many cultures, and they, in turn, were not opposed to being whipped by mysterious beauties. Today, the attitude towards the mermaid has changed, she almost lost her danger and mysticism, she even became a cartoon hero.

Mermaid tattoos are best for dreamy and freedom-loving people who like to live bright and beautiful.

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