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The meaning of a panda tattoo

Values: independence, calmness, peace, friendship, confidence, kindness

First of all, it should be noted that the panda is a very rare and very valuable animal (its species is on the verge of extinction), and half of the world’s population has never seen this wonderful creature live. But as a tattoo, a panda is relatively easier to see.

The panda as a tattoo is not very well known, but still it is not rare among representatives of Asian cultures, the post-Soviet and European communities. The meaning of the panda tattoo is not expressed specifically enough, but still it has its own well-established symbolism. The panda today is one of the famous symbols of China, where it is called the bamboo bear and is considered the Chinese national animal, therefore, in a tattoo, it is often depicted in decomposition with other famous symbols of Asia and China, such as lotus, sakura, bamboo, and others.

One of the reasons and reasons for getting a panda tattoo is an open desire to express sympathy for environmental organizations that are fighting the extinction of dying animal species… Such reasons are most often pursued in the Western world. In many cases, the meaning of this tattoo expresses longing and serves as a reminder of the cornflower-blue childhood, of the carelessness and innocence of the past.

The panda is considered a famous symbol of friendship.… The expression “panda diplomacy” is well known, according to tradition, the Chinese government gave the panda as a gift to those countries with which they cooperated and had good relations, that is, the panda became a symbol of reconciliation and a sign of trust

The panda has become the emblem of the world fund for the protection of animals, therefore it has become a sign of virtues and helpers. The panda is an omnivorous animal, but it was previously believed that it feeds exclusively on herbs and other vegetation, so it was often chosen as a symbol of vegetarianism. We must not forget that the panda, at least in Russian, is used only in the feminine gender, so it can become not a bad female symbol and emphasize the individuality and originality of each girl. It is clear that a panda tattoo is not suitable for everyone. This animal is best suited to a person who is kind, calm and balanced.… It is done by people who have a rich spiritual world and are looking for some spiritual peace.

The meaning of this tattoo is quite understandable and interesting, in any case it expresses positive and joyfulness, emphasizes independence and style.

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