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The meaning of a phoenix tattoo or firebird

Values: rebirth, immortality, resurrection, sun, mercy, fire

The meaning of the phoenix tattoo is not endowed with a simple and rich symbolism.… The main meaning of this bird is expressed by such categories as immortality and rebirth. Also, this mystical creature has become a symbol of renewal and the cyclical nature of life, since ancient times it has been associated with the element of fire, and has been associated with the sun. As a symbol of immortality, Phoenix is ​​considered the patron saint of long periods of time. The meaning of the phoenix tattoo is often taken as a strong talisman – a talisman given by the sun, which is able to maximally prolong the earthly human life

For the first time, the legend of the beautiful magical bird phoenix arose in Heliopolis (the Egyptian center for sun worshipers), where sacrifices were regularly made to Ben, the god who was portrayed with the head of a heron. The word “phoenix” coincides with the Greek name for palm – “tree of the sun.” According to legend, Phoenix is ​​an amazing bird that lives for a very long time – five hundred years or more. Feeling the approach of death, the phoenix began to build himself a nest of fragrant herbs, in which he set himself on fire in order to be reborn and resurrect for three days. After that, the reincarnated bird brought the nest and the ashes of past existence to Heliopolis to the altar of the temple of the sun.

Phoenix tattoo means, to some extent, a deep consciousness of the bearer of the fact that everything in this world returns, develops in a spiral, and events are repeated, differing only in conventions and scales. The awareness that at a certain moment everyone will have to give up their place in earthly life to someone else, or to their children or their own incarnation.

The phoenix was depicted on Roman coins as a symbol of the immortality of the Great Roman Empire. It can be seen on the graves of early Christians as a symbol of the eternal life of the human soul and the hope of victory over death. According to some Jewish legend, the Phoenix received his immortality by refusing to eat the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. He is often depicted as an eagle taking off from the emperor’s funeral pyre.

The phoenix tattoo signifies strength, patience and durability. This bird has become a symbol of the human spirit, which is in an eternal struggle with life’s difficulties and obstacles. Phoenix is ​​often mentioned in alchemical allegories, it symbolizes fire, purifying and transforming fire, means the chemical element sulfur, the color is red.

Analogies are often drawn between the phoenix and other similar fantastic birds: the Persian bird Simurg, the Chinese Fenghuar, the Slavic Firebird.

The meaning of the Firebird tattoo in Russian traditions is somewhat similar to the symbolism of the Phoenix… This fabulous bird has become a symbol of good luck, rarity and wealth. It takes a lot of effort to see it, but the firebird rewards the finder a hundredfold. The Firebird has become a symbol of great mercy, wisdom and kindness.

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